Leadership Development

For management teams, reflecting upon their own decision and behavioral patterns is the basis for maintaining performance. 

Sabine Pelzmann advises managers and develops tailor-made in-house leadership development programs. Content and topics are closely tied to everyday aspects. Social and technical competence are priorities of the trainings.

Integrative development of organizations, culture and teams

Sabine Pelzmann understands learning and development of people and organizations as interlinked. She accompanies learning and change processes of organizations, teams and managers. The basis of her consulting work is an integrative, systemic approach combined with technical expertise and project competence.

Key of her consulting approach is an appreciative and result-oriented attitude.

Dealing with complexity, insecurity and forming the unknown

Sabine Pelzmann has always been interested in development processes. Principles of system dynamics, mindfulness, creative approaches and the knowledge of the connectedness of all living beings support further evolution in complex situations. 

Transdisciplinary development processes

Through her education in agriculture, economics, and social sciences Sabine Pelzmann can bridge transdisciplinary divides. Thinking in broader contexts, interdisciplinary and cross-sectorally is part of her work.   


A coaching process comprises 4 to 10 sessions (60 or 90 minutes per unit). Coaching objectives are individually agreed upon. 

Consultation and dialogue

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Leadership Development

Folder – Leadership Development


Stakeholder dialogues

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