Consulting for organizations

The challenge in an organization is to manage complexity, differences and changes within the organization.

In many organizational development processes, it is important to build flexible structures alongside the tradition of authority and stability. Change within organizations can only be successful if the members of the organization are involved in the change.

Occasions for organizational consulting:

  • Changes in the assignments, funding, etc.
  • Change in key personnel
  • Recurring fluctuation processes in particular roles
  • In case of challenges in the organization’s efficiency or productivity
  • Smoldering conflicts that affect value-added processes
  • Realignment of the organization
  • Preparation of handover processes in family businesses
  • Improvement of the ability to respond and decision-making process
  • Desired changes in beliefs, values, and culture

Change and preservation

We see learning and development of people and organizations as interrelated processes.

Together with customers and specialists from various areas Pelzmann Unternehmensberatung works out credible concepts and supervises their implementation.The meaningful integration of process-knowledge and orientation-knowledge, project management and large group experiences are the basis of this work.

For us it is important to …

  • link the effectiveness of organizations with the needs of the people
  • initiate develop processes and to keep them going
  • be available as humans
  • design together with customers
  • implement from the beginning
  • develop business-oriented and practical solutions
  • initiate the ability of the parties
  • set specific interventions
  • improve internal communication
  • consistently work oriented towards solutions
  • assess standing values

All consultations are customized after preliminary discussions with you with a sense of proportion, sensitivity and expertise for you.